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New games and updates…

XilliaHello! I’ve not been updating this blog regularly for a while but it’s about time I pay more attention to Attack Panic because I really miss posting here. I’m trying to teach myself video editing at the moment (and I’m a bit rubbish at it) but I’ve managed to push out some rather amateur Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate tip videos. I also managed to lose some video files so I’m trying to remake a few assets to create more vids – stay tuned.

Game wise? Well I’ve been pretty busy. Just started Tales of Xillia which is out in a few weeks. I love me some jRPGs to I’m looking forward to sinking a few hundred hours in to this bad boy. I’ve also got Wonderful 101 on the way, just picked up Earthbound and have wasted my afternoons away in Animal Crossing New Leaf.

I’ve been getting super angry with Borderlands 2 on 360. That compatibility pack issue is still going strong and it’s the third time I’ve had to delete everything and download all the DLC and updates again. I’ve hardly touched the game because there always seems to be another issue when I jump back on.

My 3DS has gotten a lot of action recently. Aside from everyone and their grandma’s obsession with Animal Crossing, I’m also getting pretty deep into Fire Emblem Awakening. I’m not that great at sRPGs to be honest. I started paying attention to them when Final Fantasy Tactics first released but always found the later stages in the Disgaea series quite challenging. I’m playing it on the normal setting so my units stay in my roster even if they die in battle – I’m not ready for those kind of losses yet.

I visited YouTube with some wonderful people a few weeks ago. I was there to talk women in gaming, bullying and generally why there aren’t many ladies talking games on the platform. There are a few notable women there but I think YouTube are eager to level out the playing field so to speak. I’m actively looking for other women or women-friendly YouTubers to share their links below as we’re trying to sort out a portal of some sort that will encourage apprehensive gamers to start using the platform. We’re also working out a way to protect users from the rather difficult torrents of abuse they can find themselves in so keep in touch.

Bullying has been a hot topic recently that I want to talk more about but this post isn’t the one for it. Expect something in the future.

What else? I really enjoyed the Final Fantasy XIV beta (phase 3) while it was on. I was playing as an archer Miqo’te. The combat was a lot more basic in comparison to other MMORPGs but I really like the variety of choices you have with just one character. It’s a shame it’s a premium MMO because that really stops me from investing time into it. Their monthly charges are really high.

So that’s kind of it for now. Will try post a lot more regularly from now on but I’d also like to do some video posts. See you soon!

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