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Power Blows

Posted October 10, 2012

I reviewed Dead or Alive 5 about a week or so ago and gave it the good ol’ try harder seven. I like it though. I really do. There are faults – obviously – but the game is so much fun and has a real level of depth that people seem to be missing out on in their assumption of it being the more ‘accessible’ brawler.

Yes, you can button mash your way through the arcade mode but it’s not going to get you far when going against an accomplished player. Counting frames and predicting moves take a whole new level with the series’ focus on juggling and counter holds. It seems that Dead or Alive is easily dismissed as a silly fighter because of all its titillation and, while I’m gutted to see the porno-factor turned to maximum, Dead or Alive just wouldn’t be right without all those jiggly jellies bouncing in your face.

So yes. I am enjoying it. A lot. In fact, I’m working my way through the titles to try unlock secret character Alpha-152 and each characters costume set. There are a few rare outfits I’m struggling with, including Tina’s interesting “bikini” which struggles to hold her mangos together. And I’m enjoying working out how to unlock all the titles on offer.

There’s something about the fluid combat that has always attracted me to the series over Street Fighter or Tekken. I love both of those series but Dead or Alive always has this visual polish and huge array of move sets, counters and holds that made it much more appealing than SF’s Hadouken-athon or using laser eyed devil dude in Tekken.

I just wish a few more people with give Dead or Alive a chance than resigning it as that fighter with all the jelly tits.

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  1. October 11, 2012 10:54 am

    I enjoyed the use of the word mango in this piece. Here is a song to reflect this fact: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnKysErG4hA

  2. test permalink
    November 7, 2012 3:24 pm


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