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The Alchemy of Atelier Rorona

Posted April 16, 2012

I’m finally jumping back into the Atelier series after a long departure. I’ve not played the alchemist focused RPG series for a while when renting a copy of Mana Khemia: Student Alliance for PSP. These games sure do hold their value though, remaining close or above their RRP. Even second-hand copies are expensive to pick up and I had to bite the bullet when picking up my second-hand copy of Atelier Rorona ~ The Alchemist of Arland ~.

The Atelier series is pretty niche, even among  jRPG fans, as the games generally don’t have a very involving – or particularly gripping – main story arc. You’re pretty much free to do as you please with a few interruptions here and there. Essentially it’s all about enjoying a cute, quirky and predominantly relaxing game where you control a clumsy girl who tries to save her alchemy store.

Oh and everyone seems to be totally in lesbians for Rorona. Not entirely sure why…

Another attraction is that the style is super adorable. While Atelier Rorona has rather rough character models, the overall style is gorgeous. Atelier Totori and Atelier Meruru both have more defined graphics that really showcase cell-shaded style on the PS3 and I can’t wait for my copies to turn up!

If you’ve kept up with the series, what do you think? Which is the best entry so far for you so far? Are you looking forward to Atelier Ayesha? Let me know in the comments below.


So yeah, I’m pretty much trying to play 100 games at once right now. I’ve only a month and a half left of university and I’m starting to actually freak out over my dissertation… Apologies is updates get a bit slow during this stressful period in my life. If you get bored and fancy writing a dissertation then hit me up 😉

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